Terms and charges for shipping from the State of Kuwait

Notes : Skynet Worldwide Express - Gulf Worldwide Express W.L.L reserves the right to amend rates and transit times published herein which are subject to change without prior notice

* All Prices are in Kuwaiti Dinars. Rates are for outbound services only. 

* Prices do not include customs duty or any other official charges in destination country.

* Transit Times are for documents only. Transit times are approximate working days from day of departure of flight and not  from the day of collection. Transit time is to the gateway city airport only. For other cities the transit time would differ.

* Non-document packages are subject to customs inspection and clearance procedures. Delays are expected.

* Weight of shipment will be the volumetric weight or actual weight whichever is heavier.

* Volumetric weight =  L X B X H (in CMS).

* Fuel Surcharge of 15 % is applicable on all the shipments 5000 .

By tendering packages for transport & delivery to "Gulf Worldwide Express - Skynet Worldwide Express", the Consignor agrees to be bound by the terms and  conditions printed on  the reverse of the Airwaybill, 

* Standard Trading Conditions :  Consignment  Note - (Shippers Receipt). The same can also be faxed to you on request

Liability : 

* Skynet Worldwide Express - Gulf Worldwide Express W.L.L. liability is to the extent of the lesser of :- USD 30.00,

the value of the consignment or the courier charges.

* Other Services :

Road Services to GCC countries.

Air-freight Services.

Routed Collections - Shipments collected outside Kuwait. for delivery in Kuwait.

Visa Pack Services.

* Working Hours : 

The Office is open from 08:00 Hrs. to 19:00 Hrs. Saturday to Thursday. Tel : 22270544  

*Tracking of shipments that are sent through the Skynet Network can be traced on the internet.


    Delivery Charges Inside Kuwait State

    Note: You will receive your order until 24 Hour from request date, If There are any questions or suggestions Please Do not hesitate to call us 24764444.

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